Romantic Parade of Fruit and Roses Floral Beige Pink Woven Place Mat Table Runners Cloths (14426)


DaDa Bedding Parade of Fruit and Roses Table Cloths - Hand-Crafted Decorative Bright Vibrant Intricate Colorful Floral Beige Tan Brown Red Pink Print with Golden Tassel Ends

 Our beautifully designed woven table runners will transform your coffee and dining tables into the most comfortable and luxurious living pieces. This table runner is accented with two golden tassels across from each other for a polished and elegant look to your table.


  • Type: Table Runner
  • Pattern: Floral
  • How Made: Woven
  • Brand: DaDa Bedding Collection


  • 33 x 43 CM  or 13" x 17" 
  • 33 x 95 CM  or 13" x 38"
  • 33 x 120 CM or 13" x 48"
  • 33 x 228 CM or 13" x 90"


  • Front: 45% Cotton   55% Polyester
  • Back: 35% Cotton   65% Polyester


  • Dry clean only!

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