OMSutra Gayatri Mantra Prayer Shawl


Embellish your wardrobe and surround yourself with this auspicious and spiritual Gayatri Mantra prayer shawl. The divine Gayatri mantra – one of the most popular and powerful of Sanskrit mantras – is handprinted around the sacred OM symbol and comes to you from the holy city of Varanasi, located on the banks of the River Ganges.

For Hindus, it is traditional to wear a Mantra shawl over the shoulders as a wrap for meditation and various rituals and ceremonies. It is known that Mantra shawls retain meditation energy, which, as it accumulates, has a beneficial effect on the mind and also allows the positive energy to build in during spiritual practices and whenever you wear the mantra shawl you feel safe and have the Divine inspiration.

It is believed that the Gayatri mantra protects those who chant it and brings happiness in your life.

This Mantra prayer shawl comes in high-quality luxurious cotton fabric in pastel colors like Rose Pink, Dark Lavender, White, and Chocolate. It comes with finished edges and measures size 76"x 40" (approx).

It is believed that the worship of the Gayatri mantra bestows the boon of righteous wisdom. 

The Gayatri Mantra


 Om!                Brahma or Almighty God 
 Bhuh               embodiment of vital spiritual energy (Pran)
 bhuvah           destroyer of sufferings 
 swah                embodiment of happiness
 tat                   that 
 savituh           bright, luminous like the Sun  
 varenyam       best, most exalted
 bhargo           destroyer of sins  
 devasya         divine
 dhimahi         may imbibe
 dhiyo             intellect
 yo                  who 
 nah                our
 prachodayat  may inspire

In short, it is a prayer to the Almighty Supreme God, the Creator of entire cosmos, the essence of our life existence, who removes all our pains and sufferings and grants happiness beseeching His divine grace to imbibe within us His Divinity and Brilliance which may purify us and guide our righteous wisdom on the right path. 


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