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Mama Bear Bar Necklace - Rose Gold


There's Mothers, then there's Mama Bears. A Mama Bear is fierce, fiery, confident, strong, independent, loyal, considerate, comforting, a great advice giver, a shoulder to cry on, and nothing short of a warrior. For all the Super Hero Mama's out there, whether they have one kid or five, we salute you! Celebrate your Mama Bear title with this lovely, dainty rose gold bar necklace with Mama Bear engraved on it. 

This necklace is perfect for a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just because! If you're a Mama that could use a gorgeous accessory, add to cart and give yourself this pretty necklace! Treat yourself!

This mama bear bar necklace is part of our . It makes for a wonderful gift for any mom protective of her cubs!

This rose gold bar necklace is personalized with the phrase "mama bear" and hangs from an 18" rose gold chain. 

Pendant height: .25 Inches; Pendant width: 1.25 Inches

This necklace is available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold!

Without any special requests, this necklace will be sent engraved with "mama bear;" however, this delicate and darling mama bear necklace can be personalized with any name, word, or phrase that you'd like. Each necklace is custom made to order!

The wonderful thing about this rose gold mama bear necklace is that it represents the love and devotion of your mom and the lengths that she will go to make sure you’re alright. Whether you’re looking for yourself, for your mom, or for your grandma, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this mama bear bar necklace!

Moms are always there for us, to guide us, protect us and help us grow. Sometimes, a simple mom necklace is enough to let your mom know how important she is to you and how grateful you are for her presence in your life, her protection of you and the kindness she shows to you every single day.

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