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Gold Curved Bar Necklace


This gold curved bar necklace is part of our . This simple, curved gold-filled bar hangs on an 18" gold-filled chain.

* Each necklace is custom made to order! *

There are many different types of bar necklaces (check out this , or this ), but if you’re tired of the flat bar necklace, then this curved tube necklace is the way to go! The curved bar necklace style has become a popular accessory item to go with every item! The curved style is an updated version of the old bar necklace and its minimalist design makes it easy to pair with all your other necklaces!

(Check out our !)

One of the wonderful things about this simple charm necklace (in addition to its minimal design) is the fact that it is gold filled. If you’ve been searching for the perfect gold filled necklace, then you’ve come to the right place! Gold filled jewelry is quickly becoming a popular trend since it appears like solid gold jewelry, but for a fraction of the price!

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, you really can’t go wrong with this gold curved bar necklace!

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